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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Eggplant Purple

Eggplant Purple is a kind of eggplant that has purple skin. This type of eggplant has a delicious flavor and is suitable to cook an eggplant balado sauce. The purple eggplant has a thicker skin than the green eggplant. But precisely because of this, when fried for balado actually adds to the sensation. As if his skin could be peeled.

Benefits of Eggplant Purple for health there are indeed many. This eggplant is believed to increase stamina and stimulate antibodies to move more actively in fighting disease. In addition, this vegetable is also powerful as an antioxidant that will prevent you from various infections and impaired nutrient absorption.

Eggplant Purple does have a more stinging smell than green eggplants. Utilization as a food ingredient was more monotonous. However, this vegetable really a lot of nutritional content that you love to miss. Well below we have presented various benefits of purple eggplant for health:
1.Treating Stomach Pain

The benefits of purple eggplant are believed to be effective for treating stomach pain. With these vegetables, various abdominal pain will decrease slowly. Both abdominal pain due to ulcers or others will be healed.

2.Controlling Stomach Acid So Not Excessive

Eggplant Purple is also believed to be able to control the production of your stomach acids. So as not to overdo it. With this vegetable, then your body is no longer tormented due to the rise of stomach acid. Do not underestimate the rise of stomach acid because of this danger. Moreover gastritis or gastric disease is usually a life time. Kum-kumatan.

3.Reduce the Symptoms of Premature Disease

The most pronounced symptoms of premature aging are changing skin becomes duller, wrinkles appear on the face and become more difficult to think and often forget. To prevent premature aging turns purple eggplant can be relied upon. Your brain memory will also be better able to accommodate information so it is not easy to forget.

4.Improving the sharpness of the Eyeball

The sharpness of the eyeballs can be tricked by eating a lot of eggplant. Benefits of this vegetable is able to improve the sharpness of the eyeball. With this fruit vegetable, you are no longer blindfed and you no longer feel the disturbances associated with the visual nerve.
5.Improve Digestive Health

Benefits of Eggplant Purple is also believed to improve digestive health. With this vegetable, then your body is no longer subject to various problems associated with the digestive tract. In addition, nutrient absorption is also much better because the intestines run well.

6.Raise the Fertility of Men and Women

The efficacy of purple eggplant is believed to boost male and female fertility. With these vegetables, your body and your partner will be able to produce better hormones. Quality of sex will be more increased. And in the end happiness will be achieved.

7.Improving the Mood

Mood can be fixed with purple eggplant. This purple eggplant is going to improve your mood. Because in the body has been produced many anti-stress hormones.

8.Adjust Triglyceride Levels

The benefits of purple eggplant are also believed to regulate triglyceride levels. Nutritional content contained in eggplant is so powerful in lowering triglycerides which is a fat that is often regarded as the cause of diabetes.

9.Can Radiate Urine

Eggplant Purple is also powerful in launching urine. You will be more fluent urine and do not feel any pain when urinating. Suitable for those with a history of urinary tract disease.

10.Contains Protein

The Health benefits of purple eggplant are also abundant with protein. This fruit vegetable is good for muscle.